A glossary of the rich vocabulary of London Skittles - a traditional pub game. Playing a Hand All three balls bowled at the skittle diamond is known as a ‘Hand’. Obviously there must be enough energy in the ball to knockdown all the skittles that are touched but many players seem to trade off accuracy for speed. What did skittles used to be called Come calcolare lo scorporo dell iva, Skittles candy products, produced by the Wm. var _nwls=[];if(window.jQuery&&window.jQuery.find){_nwls=jQuery.find(".fw_link_newWindow");}else{if(document.getElementsByClassName){_nwls=document.getElementsByClassName("fw_link_newWindow");}else{if(document.querySelectorAll){_nwls=document.querySelectorAll(".fw_link_newWindow");}else{document.write('<\/scr'+'ipt>');if(window.Sizzle){_nwls=Sizzle(".fw_link_newWindow");}}}}var numlinks=_nwls.length;for(var i=0;i